Membership Benefits

Liberty Village BIA - Membership has benefits!

Liberty Village Business Improvement Area members are all of the employers, employees, commercial property owners and commercial property tenants within the Liberty Village BIA area.

Discounted TTC VIP Metropass for Liberty Village BIA members!

TTC StreetcarAll LVBIA members are eligible to take advantage of the LVBIA TTC VIP Metropass Program, and save on monthly TTC passes, and on Toronto attractions. This is the cheapest TTC pass available, and it is exclusively for LVBIA members. Please visit the TTC Metropasses page for program details and more information on how you can participate!

Halloween Special at Canada’s Wonderland – Discounted Admission Tickets for LVBIA Members

The Liberty Village BIA has partnered with Canada’s Wonderland to offer LVBIA members discounted admission to Canada’s premier amusement park. Discounted tickets are purchased online using our exclusive LVBIA link.  A variety of tickets and packages are available for this year’s Halloween Haunt. Please see below for pricing details.

2014 Haunt Promotion Prices

Haunt Specific Day Admission (First 2 Nights) - October 3,4:  $23.99

Haunt Specific Day Admission (Last 10 Nights)-October 10,11,12,17,18,19,24,25,26,31: $31.99

Mortal Meal & Haunt Admission – All-you-can-eat meal & admission to Haunt: $42.98

Fall Two Pack—Valid any regular October operating day 10AM-5PM: $24.99

* Each Transaction Includes a Processing Fee*

The LVBIA pricing is for LVBIA members and their families only. These discounts are not available to the general public. 

To buy tickets:  

- contact the LVBIA at 

- provide your name, work email, and company contact details.  

We will provide you with the exclusive link to access the LVBIA member special rates.

Connect with Liberty Village residents and surrounding neighbours with Village Living, Liberty Village magazine

New hyper-local community based lifestyle magazine sets its’ focus to connect local residents with local businesses.  With Canada Post Distribution to more than 14,500 Condominiums, Homes and Businesses between Jameson and Strachan on Queen, south to the Gardiner Expressway they deliver your marketing message six (6) times per year. Add our Social Media channels and Online Presence to your marketing efforts while building your brand on and offline, cost effectively.

Special Offer: Book for the April Edition and Village Living will build your ad free (customer supplied components).  To meet with one of their Marketing Specialists, please call 1-866-933-1652 or email

Village Living Publications                         
Andrew Fishman, Publisher " target="_blank">
1-866-933-1652 Ext. 2

Special sign-up offer for Liberty Village businesses - Promotions and reviews website,

Liberty Village Reviews (LVR) reports that studies show that around 1% of people contribute online reviews, yet 86% of consumers use reviews to make their purchasing decisions.  LVR provides the average person, who rarely or has never written a review, with an easy way to share their opinion through a review. 

Special sign-up offer for Liberty Village businesses:  Liberty Village businesses can connect with new customers by being a part of and LVR will waive the regular monthly fee for 3 months.

Businesses offer deals called Prevoupons (Pre-view-pons) to new customers to get them in the door and give out rewards called Revoupons (Re-view-pons) to customers for sharing their feedback. This is incentive for your customer to write a review.  Reviews will then lead to more new customers.   LVR aims to maximize the connection between people and businesses so that memorable experiences are created and shared with everyone. Email for full details and to get signed up. 

GreedyGiver offers a new Liberty Village Fundraising Initiative to LVBIA businesses. is a new fundraising deal site that allows visitors to unlock savings and discounts from local and national businesses by donating to causes they believe in.  They are featuring a special Liberty Village area initiative! Customers will be able to raise money for causes that matter to them then this fundraising initiative enables Liberty Village merchants to reward their customers for their philanthropy with amazing discounts

All Liberty Village businesses are welcome to inquire about becoming a part of this initiative, which is being presented in partnership with the LVBIA and provides increased promotion.  GreedyGiver has signed up numerous merchants in the LV neighbourhood who love the idea of being able to draw new customers to their business while supporting local charities.  For more information please contact Apostolos Sigalas at:

Liberty Village - Bike Here!

Three clusters of secure bike lockers havebeen installed conveniently in the two Green P parking lots of Liberty Village.  Each cluster consists of 5 lockers.  The lockers can be rented through the Liberty Village BIA at acost of $10. per month, plus a one-time payable security deposit of $20.

The lockers offer protection from theft, vandalism and inclement weather, beyond what would be provided by conventional bicycle racks. The lockers provide an alternative storage solution for those Liberty Village cyclists that haul their bikes into their offices for safe storage.  These safe and secure lockers are the first for Liberty Village. We hope you can join us to appreciate these functional yet artistic additions to the creative Liberty Village public space. Ride your bike!

For a map of the bike locker and bike rack locations, or to rent a bike locker please click here!program

Share the drive to and from work - The Liberty Village Carpool Zone is available, for both drivers and passengers!

The LVBIA has partnered with Smart Commute Toronto-Central to give Liberty Villagers options for commuting between work and home.  The Smart Commute Toronto carpool site is a ride matching registry for both drivers and riders that is completely free to use.  The registry permits you to anonymously list your car-share preferences and search for ride-matches based on location, route, hobbies, and more.  Traffic congestion is listed as the Number 1 cost of doing business, and the LVBIA is interested in assisting area businesses with their daily commutes and in supporting sustainable transportation options.  

 Carpool to/from Liberty Village: To register and to get the program details visit: and click on Carpool Zone. Then you can  select Liberty Village from the drop-down menu to find your carpool match today! 

The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program

Emergency Ride Home is a free service, and there is no cost to your organization to participate. All Smart Commute employers and partners are automatically enrolled in this free service.

Commuters who experience an unforeseen event or emergency while at work will be reimbursed up to $75.00 by the City of Toronto for their emergency transportation. Participants must meet the program terms and conditions in order to make a claim. Please visit our Area Updates page for details.

Zipcar for Business - car share options with a discount for LVBIA members 

Zipcar auto share extends to LVBIA businesses a special savings offer.  Start a Zipcar Business Account and Zipcar will waive the $75 account set up fee.  Zipcar for Business offers low rates on weekday driving.  Plus, their all-inclusive rates mean gas, insurance and mileage is not an additional charge.  A $30 annual driver fee applies.  

Zipcar vehicles are located in Liberty Village, in the Metro parking lot and in the underground parking next to the LCBO.  Zipcar is looking to expand their Liberty Village locations and we are working with them to find parking spots for 6 more vehicles.  One Zipcar parking spot results in 15 less cars on the road each day! 

Zipcar for Business will soon offer Zipvans and hybrids.  From trucks to sedans, there is a Zipcar for every occasion.

To register your business with Zipcar for Business visit:

AutoShare car rental service offers discounted memberships to LVBIA members!

LVBIA offers half off memberships to AutoShare, Toronto's first and favourite car rental company. AutoShare has 24/7 self-serve convenience to over 150 locations in Toronto. AutoShare has the lowest rates, best availability and is 100% local and Canadian owned. Need to travel across town for a lunch meeting? Need to pick up heavy supplies? Need to pick-up an important client at the airport? With AutoShare, this is simple and inexpensive. AutoShare's fleet includes electric, hybrid, cargo and fun vehicles all available to you with your membership.

Join today by visiting and entering the promotion code "LVBIA".

For additional information, please contact:
AutoShare Member Services
Tel: 416-340-7888
Fax: 416-340-0080